Google Drive

What is Google Drive And What Are The Qualities?

Google Drive

The topic of our today’s article is very important and informative, being a part of the modern generation it is essential to know it. Obviously, you need to know a little bit about the digital world so that you could use the technology fruitfully. Likewise, “Google Drive” is one of the most popular terms used everywhere in the world. It is a fabulous facility offered by the Google company. It helps all the people worldwide in keeping their valuable data saved. It allows every computer or smartphone user to store their documents and other important files on this Drive instead of storing them on an SD Card or Phone Storage.

How Does Google Drive Work:

Basically, Google Drive is a cloud-based memory that enables a google user to manage his documents or file on cloud memory. It is also a product of google and attached to a Gmail account. A person who has a Gmail account can use this facility without paying any charges.

Qualities of Google Drive:

Free Storage:

Google Drive is totally free in providing secure and encrypted file storage. This storage facility keeps a huge memory space saved. If you want to avail of this free facility you won’t need to do a struggle but you must have a Gmail account on your smartphone.

Secured and Encrypted:

Being a leading and reliable company Google Drive keeps your documents and files secure and saved. Anybody can not access your stored data without your permission however you can access your file through your official Gmail account.

Downloading of Stored File:

Google Drive does not allow you to keep your data only but you can access and download it. You can make the required changes in the stored data and save it.

Memory Capacity:

The default memory capacity of a new account is 15 GBs However google can increase the storage up to 100 GBs after the update of the account.

Requirements of Google Drives:

Google Drive does not demand any special requirements to serve you but a few things need to be kept on your mobile phone. One and most important is an internet connection and the second is a Gmail account on your smartphone.

Portable Memory:

The most valuable quality of Google Drive is the portability or mobility of memory. It means it allows you to access your stored file from anywhere and by any device. The main thing is that you must have just a valid and active Gmail account.

Final Thoughts:

At the end of this article, we would say that Google Drive is an important element for our modern generation. A person working in an office or especially a student can be much benefited from the wonderful technology without spending a single penny.