Google Assistant

What is Google Assistant & What Are The Features For Android?

Google Assistant

A unique and interesting service introduced by Google is “Google Assistant” it is very user-friendly. This technological service enables you to pass your commands to search anything on Google through voice. The purpose of this service is to make quick searches on google without typing. You just have to speak “OK Google” and then it starts working through listening to your commands. You need to speak in clear English language so that system will be able to understand the command and bring results for you.

Features of Google Assistant:

Quick Search:

Google Assistant is here to make quick searches possible because you don’t need to type a long command through the keyboard. The only thing you have to do is to speak “OK Google” and then speak in a clear voice. As soon as you complete your command or speaking it starts working and brings results instantly on your mobile screen.

Helps Disabled People:

Google Assistant is no less than a blessing for those people who are physically challenged. Now is the time to get benefited from Google services whether you are physically fit or not. Because there is no compulsion for a physically fit to use this extraordinary service even the people who have no hands can easily use this service.


You may be shocked that what is the correlation between Google Assistant and Entertainment? Yes, there is definitely a relationship with the entertainment. If you have a smartphone with Google Assistant facility and you feel bored. You can ask Google Assistant to speak, “Sing a Song, Tell a joke” etc. Instantly Google will obey the command and give you the entertainment you want.


Google Assistant acts as a travel assistant for android users. This system uses to give you suggestions about daily life matters i.e. a Better route to travel, the best place to visit, the best time to leave from one place to another, etc.

Instant Weather Forcast:

This technology enables you to manage your daily activities very comfortably. Google Assistant keeps updated about future weather forecasting So speak “Weather Forcast” and it will show the forecast on your phone screen.

Multi-Tasking Possible:

Google Assistant controls all the installed apps on your smartphone. You can control all your required task by any app available on your device. For example, You have to see your email inbox. You have to speak, “Open my Gmail”. And if you want to see the current date, to have to speak “Open Calendar”. Another fabulous feature of this service is the availability of geographical location. When you feel unwell you want to visit your nearest hospital that you don’t know where it is. You just need to speak “Nearest Hospital” and it will show the entire location on the map of the nearest available hospital. Even it shows the distance and time to reach the hospital as well.