Google Photos

What are Google Photos and What Are the Features?

Google Photos

“Google Photos” is one of the extraordinary services provided by Google to facilitate android users around the world. Actually, it is a systematic and well-arranged way of presentation of photos available on your android phone. it does all this to make your pictures easy to share with your dears. “Google Photos” arranges all the pictures available on your device in chronological order so that they can easily be found when needed.

“Google Photos” is not just a gallery-type thing but it is very fine technology. Once you keep your photos on this platform remember the faces of photos and the places where these were taken. This technology remembers for more than decades. This facility also allows you to filter your photos through dates for searching purposes. Thus, “Google Photos” is just like a jackpot of multiple services i.e. Instant print, Size Compression, Editing Qualitywise, etc. In short, it is the place where you can manage all your requirements regarding photos on the spot.

Features of Google Photos:

Like all other Google products/services, “Google Photos” has also magical features for its valuable users. If you are interested to know about a few of them then bear with us.

Instant Photo Editing:

This service enables its valued users to make required edits on the pictures stored on “Google Photos”. To make photos more attractive we have to do a few changes to them like color adjustments, crops, and other picture effects.

Movie Making:

The pictures available on this platform can be used to create a movie. This facility allows you to present multiple pictures on instant slides. During creating a movie you can add your favorite music to the background, so you can present your beautiful photos more fascinatingly.

Deletion/ Archiving Of Old Photos:

We have to face storage problems when we have low-memory smartphones. Therefore, we have to check our old photos from time to time to delete old photos to free up space. When you have a “Google Photos” service on your mobile phone it does this task itself for you.

Restoration of Deleted Photos:

When your pictures have been deleted by the system, you don’t need to get worried. It is because their service let you restore your deleted photos by it. When you don’t have access to your photos, you have to open the “trash” folder and then restore it.

Free Storage:

“Google Photos” basically acts as a memory storage drive. If you have such a fabulous service on your smartphone you shouldn’t worry about the memory of your phone. Because of the fact that this service gives you free memory.