How to Unroot Android without PC

How to Unroot Android Without Using PC?

How to Unroot Android without PC

In our today’s blog post we are going to discuss an interesting but useful thing about the android field. The process of unrooting an android phone has always been a problem, usually, it needs a PC to unroot. However, in this post, we will enable you to unroot your android without using a personal computer.

If you have ever faced the problem of unrooting or in future you may face this, so, you will be able to handle this problem easily. The main reason to write this post is to give you knowledge about the entire procedure of unrooting an android phone without involving a PC.

Before starting the procedure you need to know that it is directly concerned with the manufacturer of the device/android phone that you want to unroot. Because once you try to unroot and any technical fault occurs in your device/mobile phone, the warranty offered by the manufacturer can come to an end.

You will be thinking that while unrooting what changes are done on your android phone? Yes, it is a very valid question and everyone must ask it because it is very important to know. Before starting this process you should be clear about what you going to do ahead. Basically, unrooting is a process of changing the software coding of your phone as you want.

What is the Process of Unroot In Android?

Basically, the “root” is a term of information technology that is used in this field widely. Primarily root means the way through which a user can access and control an android device/phone. Unrooting is the process to bypass the software and getting control of a device.

Let’s See The Procedure:

If you have made up your mind to unroot your device/ android phone let us tell you the brief process ahead.

  • Foor a smooth and correct unroot, we would recommend you to use File Manager.
  • There are various websites from where you can download File Manager or you can use Play Store as well.
  • If you face any difficulties in finding a website, preferably Google Play will be good.
  • When you perfectly download and install the File Manager, tap and open the app.
  • In the File Manager, you will find a folder named “Bin” where you will find a system option.
  • Thus, delete the SU file available in this folder.
  • The second step is to find a file named, “xbin” and again delete it.
  • Subsequently, you need to find another file, “Superser.apk” and delete it.
  • Hence, this is the process that actually unroots the software of your android phone.
  • When you separately find and delete the three files you need to turn off your device/phone instantly to execute software changes.
  • However, you can save any kind of data saved on your phone by taking a backup file. Through this procedure data saved on your phone can be erased.

Final Step:

After taking a backup of your data saved on your android phone, now it is time to finalize the process. You can be saved your data on a memory card or any other disk connected to your device. Ensure to remove the device where you loaded the data before pressing the “Factory Reset” button. Once you press it will unroot your entire device instantly. In the end, we are glad to say that you have successfully unrooted your device without using a PC.