Gmail Account Recovery

How To Recover Old Gmail Account?

Gmail Account Recovery

Using a mail account has now become compulsory for every smartphone user. Without a Gmail account, a smartphone has no value for him because for performing any online job Gmail account is very important. Working on an android app, Youtube, and email services also requires an active mail account on the smartphone you have. If you are a senior user of a smartphone, you would definitely know the usefulness of a Gmail account. You may have faced the problem of password loss and failing to recover the old Gmail account. However, by this blog article, you are going to know how to recover your old account.

In case of Password Loss:

It is a normal thing for a smart user of an android phone because the problem of password loss usually happens. If you also facing this problem you don’t need to get panic, because now we are going to tell you the steps to reset your password. While trying to log in it doesn’t allow you to open the mail account and says incorrect password. Click on the “Forget Password” option. After pressing it may ask a few questions. You can easily answer them because these questions and their answers belong to you and answers are given by you.

In case of Email Address Loss:

Sometimes it is possible that you may forget the email address of your Gmail account. “Forget Email Address” does not mean you may forget the entire address but you may type an incorrect alphabet in the email address. In case of this problem, you may follow the below steps. In place of email address type your registered mobile number, Your full name or you can input your username if you can remember. Thus, through this process, you can send an OTP code to the registered mobile number and verify it. Hence, you can reset your password.

Service Alerts From Google Account:

Google takes it very seriously to maintain the security of your mail account. All this is conducted to safeguard your Gmail account from being misused. To ensure this google sends an alert to your mail account, recovery email, or registered mobile number. In this alert message, Google tells about the new login from a new device.

What are Precautionary Steps to Avoid Gmail Account Problems?

Every digital service directly depends on the way you work them. A digital service can be as smooth as you use smartly. To avoid these problems you should a single device instead of using multiple devices. If you need to use a Gmail account on more than one device/mobile phone you should log in different account on each device. The second important precaution is to keep using the registered mobile number. Because to recover an account OTP is very important that is only possible on this registered mobile number.