Windows 10

How to Install Windows 10 on Your PC?

Windows 10

Now it is the era of Information technology(IT), when we talk about IT So we immediately think of computers and the Internet. The internet is nothing itself, but it is a collection of millions of computers that work together. Hence, it is established that the computer is the basic thing and the window is the lifeline of every computer. Every computer operating system needs a window to manage its functionalities to perform any kind of task. In the following topics, we will describe the steps to install “Windows 10” on your PC.


According to the developer of these Windows, a few mandatory requirements should be met before installing this version.

  1. If you have a new computer i.e. the Laptop will be good enough, However, the PC with good properties is also supportive of this window.
  2. Maximum 1 GB RAM Required
  3. Setup of version should be available in USB or CD in working condition.
  4. Strong and Uninterrupted Internet Connection Required.

Installing Windows 10:

Availability of Version Windows 10:

Windows10 needs to be available through any means CD, USB, or any other source. You can also get this version from the internet. If you want to download the setup of this windows you will have to visit a genuine website that offers the Windows version.

Installing Through CD/DVD:

If you don’t have the facility of the internet to download the Windows version, you can also obtain and install this version through CD/DVD from any computer shop. First, inject the CD/DVD containing the Windows10 version to start installing process. When your computer system tables to run the disk it will show you a setup to install. Do a double click on the setup icon to initiate the process. Then you will have to accept the essential policies and conditions of Microsoft for Windows10 installation.

Deletion of Existing Windows:

When you start a new window installation it usually asks you about the existing version. Here it is your choice whether you want to delete or retain the existing version on your computer. There may appear two options Deletion of “Existing Windows” here you can press YES or NO. However, if you don’t delete your existing version it doesn’t affect your computer, but it will occupy space on your PC memory.

Selection of Folder Path:

When you choose the option of deletion of existing windows the process of installing new windows begins. Now is the time to place your new windows on any partition of your PC. When you choose the path of a folder, all the documents of new windows will be saved on that folder.

Setting Savings:

You will have to bear with installing process unless it gets completed. If you interrupt during the installation process you can lose your entire work suddenly. So let the ongoing process complete and then ensure to save it.

Finish The Process:

When all the processes get completed the final step is to finish the process. In the installation, procedure finishing means a lot, when you fail to finish the whole data can be lost from your PC. So, make sure to click on the finish button at the end.